We're a digital agency.

Where Passion is our creativity.

We were proudly born and raised digital.  

Moved by culture — expressed through art, design, lifestyle, technology and innovation. 

Passionately committed to businesses and brands of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 500.

Our Goal

Connect and Engage Consumers to drive Results and Impact. 


Authentically engage our brand partners to their audience.

Latin Made is a Full-Service Digital Agency.  

We offer creative solutions in Marketing Consulting, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web development, and Branding Design. 


Authenticity, Passion, Creativity, Innovation and connection.



I’m Gisele and I’ve always been passionate about communication. I started studying Code, and Web and Graphic Design at the age of 14.
As an Entrepreneur, I opened my first Digital Marketing agency in 2006. In my work with event producers, I created fast-paced, effective communication and managed operations.

Over the last 20 years I accumulated extensive experience in project management and digital marketing strategy, serving clients of all sizes and market segments.

I graduated with honors an M.B.A in Digital Marketing from the School of Marketing and Advertising (ESPM) of São Paulo, Brazil after earning a B.A in Communications, Business, and Management. I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Technologies and media channels come and go. The secret to digital marketing success is innovation

Design is as important as strategy for the success of any endeavour.

I work with art history, symbology and ps to enrich the history of visual communication. and it is from here that effective messaging draws its inspiration.

I invite you to schedule a strategy call.
We’ll discuss your business challenges and goals, explore your competitors’ weaknesses, and discover design and technology strategies that lead to success.

Thank you,

Brand & Design  

  • UI/UX design
  • Brand identity
  • Visual design
  • Advertising


  • HTML / CSS / PHP / JS / React / Angular
  • Backend/API integrations
  • iOS/Android native apps
  • Websites, E-commerce & Email Marketing


  • Strategy & Conception
  • Event-Based Marketing
  • Staff
  • Event coordination/ Supervision
  • Public Relations